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SIMgroep and Company Webcast extend successful partnership

SIMgroep and Company Webcast have extended their existing partnership by fully integrating Company Webcast’s...

22 12 14 read more

Estates of Curaçao Choose SIMwebcast!

In recent weeks, several meetings of the Estates of Curaçao have been broadcast on our webcast platform for the...

09 09 14 read more

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Our company name says it all: We are involved in Webcasting and nothing else. Company Webcast assumes that it is better to do one thing really well than to do a bit of everything. In other words, focus. This focus has made us the market leader in the Benelux region, a trend-setter in our field and has garnered us hundreds of clients all around the world.

Company Webcast is active in many markets, including yours. Explore this website to find out what services we offer in your sector. You can also get to know RoyalCast, our plug-and-play Webcasting platform, and produce your own Webcasts, Webinars or Online Seminars quickly and easily. Whether you are interested in Full Service or Self Service Webcasting, you can learn all about our Webcasting services in the ‘Solutions’ menu. 

Webcast Example: In this Webcast we will inform you about: What is a Webcast, how does it works, and what benefits does Webcasting offer. Watch the Webcast here.

RoyalCast Webcastplatform: RoyalCast is a unique and advanced ‘Plug & Play’ Webcast platform that is based on our ‘One to Many’ philosophy. Download the brochure here.