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Many organizations are exploring the countless benefits webcasts have to offer. We summarized the 7 most common webcast advantages...

17 08 12 |

  1. Saving time, costs and carbon emissions. A webcast means that viewers do not necessarily have to be present in person, thus reducing travelling time, costs and carbon emissions. Webcasts can also save companies extra costs by enabling them to use smaller rooms, organize fewer physical meetings and – since webcasts provide a digital record of meetings – eliminate the need to take minutes.
  2. Preserving and sharing knowledge. A webcast is a very useful reference tool, both for participants who could not be present during the live broadcast and can view the broadcast on demand afterwards and for those who attended the live broadcast but would like to view parts of the broadcast again or share them with others. Hence, organizations gain a permanent record of knowledge which can also be easily shared.
  3. Indexing an on-demand webcast. An on-demand version can be made available within minutes of a live webcast. A good webcast is fully indexed and searchable based on functions such as agenda item, keywords, speaker and such like so that viewers can quickly find any specific part they require.
  4. Social media and interaction. A webcast offers excellent opportunities for engaging and involving viewers through interactive modules such as ‘Ask a question’, live chat, polls and surveys. It is also easy to share webcasts via social media or to integrate them with a live Twitter feed.
  5. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. A webcast not only offers video and audio functionality, but also includes possibilities for displaying text and pictures. Many studies have shown that the use of such elements help viewers to better understand, and remember, the subject matter.
  6. Innovative communication method. A webcast is an innovative and smart way to communicate with stakeholders. Anyone can follow the webcast online using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.
  7. Increasing the exposure of an event. By making a meeting or event accessible via a webcast, either live or on demand afterwards, you can substantially increase its exposure and reach.