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Estates of Curaçao Choose SIMwebcast!

09 09 14 |

In recent weeks, several meetings of the Estates of Curaçao have been broadcast on our webcast platform for the first time.

Webcasts by the Estates of Curaçao

The Estates of Curaçao are responsible for monitoring government policy and contribute to the formation of legislation. The Estates meet approximately 70 times a year in Public Meetings and meetings of the Central Commission.

Against this backdrop, the Estates of Curaçao awarded our partner SIM the contract for implementing SIMwebcast to broadcast the Estates of Curaçao’s public meetings by internet.

By making live images and sound from the meetings available online, it will be possible to keep the wider public at home and abroad as well as government officials and members of the Estates informed efficiently. Thanks to our solution, the Estates of Curaçao will have extensive opportunities, not only to broadcast live but also to search and re-watch the meetings anytime immediately afterwards by agenda item, speaker or topic.

SIMwebcast is a joint service from SIM and Company Webcast. Other customers for this joint solution include the government of Aruba. 

Click here to watch a webcast by the Estates of Curaçao