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We have provided a list below that hopefully answers many of the immediate questions you may have. We are, of course, very happy to discuss further specific areas.
Yes, of course, at Company Webcast you can use any of our studio locations to stream your own content with end-to-end technical support from our expert in-studio team, delivering a unique experience. View our Studio Events page for more information.
At Company Webcast, having our RoyalCast Webinar Platform comprises a webinar encoder and webinar software. In our full-service option, we provide all the necessary audio-visual equipment. The RoyalCast Webcast Software is entirely web-based (‘Software as a Service’). View our Knowledge webinar page for more information.
Please check with the host of the event if they recorded it. If they have a RoyalCast licence with us, they were able to record the meeting to be watched on demand.
At Company Webcast, all participants can join from anywhere as long as they have a stable Internet connection to ensure maximum quality.
The costs of our Company Webcast professional RoyalCast webinars and webcasts vary from one customer to another, and are influenced by factors such as the type of webcast solution (self-service or full-service) you choose and the number of webcasts you plan to organise. Please view our Knowledge webinar and webcast pages for more information. Also contact us today for a price indication. You can contact us today for a price indication.
At Company Webcast, all our webinars and webcasts can be viewed by any mobile device from your own location.
Our Company Webcast platform is guaranteed as entirely secure and ISO 27001 certified, which gives you peace of mind and attendees sensitive information will be safe. Our security is also backed by having end-to-end encyption, advanced digital rights management technology, controlled user access, and a multi-layered streaming server.

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