What is a webinar?

The word “webinar” is a blend of “web” and “seminar”.
A webinar is an event held virtually, attended exclusively by an online audience. This distinguishes it from a webcast, which also includes the presence of a physical audience. Other terms used for a webinar are web event, online seminar, web lecture and virtual event. Webinars are interactive and allow for full online audience participation.

Unlimited online audience reach

Participants follow webinars via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, and can see and hear the speaker(s) thanks to audio and video feeds. In addition to the video images, PowerPoint slides can be broadcast which run in sync with the rest of the presentation. You can also make use of the screen capture functionality which enables you to show your viewers an application or website.


Unlimited online audience reach

Deep audience interaction and engagement

A webinar is a ‘one-to-many’ communication: a single presenter can reach an unlimited targeted online audience of viewers from a single location. Interaction during a webinar can be very powerful. With a large number of participants, smart tools are essential to compel that direct interaction. Company Webcast webinars offer various key interactive opportunities:

Ask a question

Deep audience interaction and engagement

Growth of the
webinar market

‘Webinar use is growing exponentially. Partially driven by the dramatic online behavioural shifts brought about by the COVID pandemic. But latest research shows that webinars are also growing in popularity across all industries due to their proven communications effectiveness, extended audience reach, and sustainability and cost-efficiencies due to reduced travel and accommodation. Importantly, webinars tap into a growing need for more personal, live and interactive ways of communicating. The average viewing time for webinars currently stands at an average of 56 minutes, illustrating how webinars are succeeding in answering the needs of global corporations, today.


Growth of the
webinar market

Benefits of webinars

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With our webinars you reach and engage an unlimited number of of your specific target audience, globally: allowing them to ask questions or posing questions of your own, to all participants. Through the deep interaction our webinars offer, you gain insights into your target audience. Unlike during lower-quality webinars or physical meetings and events where attendees often merely listen, passively.

Interaction with your target group

Our webinars allow you to extend your engagement with your audience even when the broadcast is over, with each webinar also being available to be watched on-demand. This enables you to increase both the reach and the impact of your message. It is essential that your webinar can be found easily via Google, which is why we can also help ensure your webinar is search engine-optimised (SEO).

Webinars save time and money

Organising a webinar

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  • Determine the objectives and expectations
  • Choose a specific target group
  • Determine the type(s) of interaction (polls, chat, calls-to-action, survey, etc.)
Promote the webinar
Follow-up activities
  • Choose valuable content
  • Select the speaker(s) and presenter and keep them well-informed
  • Write a webinar script and practise it


The live webinar

Webinar manual

Reach and engage a very specific target group. Allow them to ask questions, or pose questions of your own to the participants.
Thanks to the interaction during a webinar you gain insight into your target group. You can really get to know your audience,
unlike during lower-quality webinars or physical meetings and events where attendees often merely listen passively.

Webinar software

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Web-based webinar software

The RoyalCast Webinar Platform comprises a webinar encoder and webinar software. In our full-service option, we provide all the necessary audio-visual equipment. The RoyalCast Webcast Software is entirely web-based (‘Software as a Service’) and is made up of the following four elements:

  • RoyalCast Online Manager

    RoyalCast Online Manager is used to schedule a webinar (date, time and location). It also enables you to enrich a webinar with items such as PowerPoint slides, agenda items and attachments, chat, polls, etc. During the webinar, Online Manager is used to start and stop the webinar, among other things. It also offers smart tools enabling you to deal with all chat messages quickly and effectively.

  • RoyalCast Webinar Player

    Our RoyalCast Player combines all the elements of a webinar in a single, user-friendly interface. It is designed in your house style as standard.

  • RoyalCast Webinar Portal

    This easily accessible and searchable archive contains all your webinars.

  • RoyalCast Distribution

    With RoyalCast Distribution, we ensure that your webinars can be watched trouble-free, anywhere in the world, on any device – including within your internal network!

Advantages of RoyalCast webinar software

RoyalCast is the world’s frontrunner when it comes to professional webinar software and comes with some important advantages:


  • Attendees can enter the webinar from every device and do not have to download or install any software or apps.
  • Registration made simple. To sign up for a webinar, attendees simply have to fill out an email address.
  • The webinar registration form can be embedded easily on every website. This increases the chance of signups by 50%.
  • Company Webcast’s webinar software offers TV experience in a webinar: HD-quality video supported by PowerPoint slides, video and software demo’s.
  • All our webinars are equipped with pausing and rewind options, as well as on-demand functionalities.
  • Our webinar software is easy to use, which means organisations can easily produce webinars of high quality with our Self-Service format.

What does a webinar cost?

The costs of our professional RoyalCast webinars vary from one customer to another, and are influenced by factors such as the type of webinar solution (self-service or full-service) you choose and the number of webinars you plan to organise.
We strive to keep the costs of our our professional RoyalCast webinars down for you. The more webinars you organise per year, the lower the costs-per-webinar. Please contact us today for a price indication. Our sales team is happy to answer any questions.

Full-service webinar solution

Select our full-service solution if you prefer to leave everything to us. In that case, RoyalCast takes full responsibility for your webinar production. Payment is per webinar and no further investment is necessary. The broadcast can take place in our studios, at your own premises or at another external location as preferred. Get in touch with us for exact cost breakdown.

Self-service webinar solution

If you intend to hold webinars regularly and you are capable of organising and producing them yourself, then our self-service solution is most suitable for you. A RoyalCast licence is available for a fixed annual fee and entitles you to record, broadcast and archive webinars independently. In addition to the licensing costs, you are required to make a one-off investment in a RoyalCast encoder which is connected to the video and audio feed. Get in touch with us for exact cost breakdown.

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