What is a webcast?

A webcast is the simple livestreaming of a presentation, meeting or physical event from a host (or hosts) to a much larger online audience. It is essentially a ‘one-way’ broadcast, with little or no interaction between the host and the audience viewing online. In contrast, webinars are interactive and allow for full online audience participation.

Unlimited online audience reach

Webcasts significantly extend the reach of your event held at a single location, to a much larger online audience who can view from anywhere. A webcast means that no-one ever has to miss your key meeting or event again. Unlimited online participants view your webcast live via their PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.


Unlimited online audience reach

Interaction with an engaged audience

Company Webcast is highly-skilled in ensuring your webcast is both easy to follow and deeply engaging, for all participants. We will advise you on how best to add agenda items, attachments, speakers’ details, etc. Additionally, your webcast can be watched on-demand after the live broadcast, enabling you to extend your reach even further and strengthen the impact of your message.


Interaction with an engaged audience

Webcast portal

‘Will you be hosting multiple webcasts? If so, you can use our webcast portal to archive all your broadcasts. The portal provides viewers with a quick and clear overview of all webcasts, and it is also easy to search thanks to the tags or other metadata you can attach to each webcast. Webcasts are broadcast in the house style of your company or event. After your webcast, you will receive detailed statistics about the broadcast, and we help you to analyse viewing behaviour as well as the audience demographics.


Webcast portal

Growth of the
webcast market

Webcasts are rapidly gaining in popularity driven in part by the dramatic online behavioural shifts brought about by the COVID pandemic. Research predicts continued accelerated growth of webcasts due to many wider benefits such as their proven communications effectiveness, extended audience reach, and sustainability and cost-efficiencies due to reduced travel and accommodation. This is why an increasing number of companies are choosing to work with Company Webcast.


Growth of the
webcast market

Benefits of webcasts

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Webcasts put a global audience within your grasp, in real-time. If an interested participant is unable to view your webcast at the allotted time, they can simply view it on-demand, at a later time of their choosing.

Webcasts are effective for preserving and sharing knowledge by providing global access and on-demand viewing, allowing content to be archived and revisited. They engage audiences through interactive features and expert contributions, while being cost-effective and scalable. Webcasts can be tailored and repurposed into various formats, with analytics improving future content. They also foster networking and community building, using rich media to simplify complex concepts. Their eco-friendly nature further adds to their appeal as a dynamic platform for knowledge dissemination.

Webcasts benefit social media and interaction by enabling real-time engagement through live chats, Q&A sessions, and polls, fostering active participation. They can be shared across social media platforms, increasing reach and visibility. The interactive nature of webcasts encourages discussions and community building among viewers. Social media integration allows for instant feedback and broader audience engagement. Additionally, webcasts create shareable content that can be repurposed into clips, boosting social media presence and interaction. This dynamic content encourages further sharing and discussion, enhancing overall engagement and community connection.

Webcasts mean long journey times and high travel costs are a thing of the past. They make it easy and affordable for everyone in your key audiences to participate. Less traveling also means less CO2.

Webcasts help build your own online archive by providing recorded content that can be stored and accessed anytime. They enable the organization of materials, such as videos, transcripts, and presentation slides, in a structured manner. Interactive features, such as Q&A sessions and live chats, are preserved, enhancing the archival value. Webcasts are easily searchable, allowing specific topics or segments to be quickly found. They can be categorized and tagged for efficient retrieval, and integrated analytics help track engagement and usage patterns. Overall, webcasts create a comprehensive, accessible, and organized digital archive of valuable information

Webcasts engage your target group by offering interactive features like live chats, Q&A sessions, and polls, making them active participants in your story. They provide a platform for real-time feedback and discussions, fostering a sense of involvement and community. By addressing the specific interests and questions of your audience, webcasts create a personalized experience that resonates more deeply. Additionally, the ability to share and comment on webcast content on social media extends the interaction and keeps your audience engaged even after the live event, strengthening their connection to your story.

Webcast software

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Professional webcast software

The subject of your webcast may vary from a town hall meeting to a stakeholder conference, and from live events, to recorded. The main aim is to be accessible and present a broadcast-quality webcast to a large global audience. Successful delivery requires professional webcast platform and software. It is important to consider:


  • What is the video and audio quality?
  • Is the platform the right one when it comes to reach?
  • Does the platform have the right tools to engage the audience?
  • How many attendees can watch simultaneously without losing broadcasting quality?
  • Is the platform cost-effective?


RoyalCast is the state-of-the-art webcast software developed by Company Webcast. It delivers a unique combination of knowledge and technology necessary to produce truly professional webcasts. Our webcast solutions are available as a Full-Service option and as an Automated Webcasting (‘Do It Yourself’) option.

RoyalCast web-based webcast software

The RoyalCast Webinar Platform comprises a webinar encoder and webinar software. In our full-service option, we provide all the necessary audio-visual equipment. The RoyalCast Webcast Software is entirely web-based (‘Software as a Service’) and is made up of the following four elements:

  • RoyalCast Online Manager

    RoyalCast Online Manager is used to schedule a webinar (date, time and location). It also enables you to enrich a webinar with items such as PowerPoint slides, agenda items and attachments, chat, polls, etc. During the webinar, Online Manager is used to start and stop the webinar, among other things. It also offers smart tools enabling you to deal with all chat messages quickly and effectively.

  • RoyalCast Webcast Player

    Our RoyalCast Player combines all the elements of a webinar in a single, user-friendly interface. It is designed in your house style as standard.

  • RoyalCast Webcast Portal

    This easily accessible and searchable archive contains all your webinars.

  • RoyalCast Distribution

    With RoyalCast Distribution, we ensure that your webinars can be watched trouble-free, anywhere in the world, on any device – including within your internal network!

What does a webcast cost?

The costs of our professional RoyalCast webcasts vary from one customer to another, and are influenced by factors such as the type of webcast solution (self-service or full-service) you choose and the number of webcasts you plan to organise. We strive to keep the costs of our our professional RoyalCast webcasts down for you. The more webcasts you organise per year, the lower the costs-per- webcast. Please contact us today for a price indication. Our sales team is happy to answer any questions.

Full-Service Webcast solution

Select our full-service solution if you prefer to leave everything to us. You will receive a professional crew, including a project manager as the single point-of-contact whose only priority is your success. With RoyalCast Full-Service Webcasts, we take full responsibility for your webcast production, whether at your own premises or an external venue (hotel, conference centre, studio). No further investment is necessary.

Automated Webcasting solution

Do you regularly hold events or meetings that would benefit by being webcasts? If so, you could consider organising your own webcasts using our RoyalCast Automated Webcasting solution. An annual subscription entitles you to broadcast as many webcasts as you like, including archiving, for a fixed yearly fee. All you need is a RoyalCast Encoder for connection to the video and audio feeds.

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